• Eveyone, without distinction of race or gender, is accepted; the only rule is the civil behavior and respect of those who will rest in the Casa di San Martino.
It is an apartment or a home with a residential use and legally available, rented exclusively for tourist purposes, without the provision of services to tourists during their stay.
The room is for private use and you have a private bath inside your room.
The kitchenette (useful only for the gas oven because you already have all the appliances in your room) shared with the owner.
Only the supply of: electricity, hot and cold water, gas and heating / air conditioning is allowed. It is planned: the maintenance of the accommodation, repair and replacement of damaged furnitures and equipments, cleaning of the accommodation at any change of guests and, if required, provision of linens, including bathroom linen.
The tourist landlord arranges the cleaning of the rooms and the change of guest linen only when the tourist has completed the period of stay, to leave it clean for the next rental.
It is not allowed to provide clean linen or cleaning the accommodation during your stay.
Except for special needs of our guests, the delivery of the rooms is scheduled between 15:30 and 19:00; however please notify us of the expected arrival time at least during the morning of the day of arrival.
Guests are requested, upon arrival, to provide a valid document (passport, identity card) for the registration required by the applicable regulations and regularize the payment of the booked stay.
Failure to comply with this obligation constitutes a breach of the Criminal Code and allows us to request immediate termination of the lease.
The data of our guests are treated in accordance with the current privacy policy.
The price agreed for the stay in the Casa di San Martino includes the use of the room, the bathroom, the kitchen, the corridor and the part in front of the main entrance, the supply on request of bed linen and towels and the equipments described in the "Services" section, which the lessor will care to use with the necessary attention, any damage will have to be refunded.
We do not make, as by regulation, change of linen and / or cleaning of the room and places except when guests leave the apartment.
For entry and exit from the property there are no times to be met, guests will have the keys to the property and will be able to leave and return at will.
Pets are allowed inside the property (any damage caused by them will have to be refunded).
However, in case of non-observance of the normal cleaning regulations or damage caused by the animal, San Martino House reserves the right to establish a compensation equal to the cost necessary to carry out cleaning and / or repair. The owner of the animal responds to any damage to things and / or people.
It is also not permitted to customers, for reasons of public security, to let other people (not registered) access the San Martino House at any time.
Please note that on the day of departure rooms must be vacated by 10 am, to allow cleaning and delivery to new arrivals; a delay will charge the guest an additional night.
We recommend a proper and civil use of the toilet, avoiding throwing anything in W.C. (Use the basket in the bathroom).
In the kitchenette area there is a separate bin and information on how separate wastes and when leave them in front of the entrance door.
Inside the bedroom or bathroom you will find everything you need:
Blankets, pillows, towels and sheets on request.
Breakfast is not served.
Smoking traditional cigarettes (you can do it out of the door on the street).
Observance of this simple rule arises from the need to protect those who do not smoke or who will come after you, as well as rules for fire prevention.
It is strictly forbidden to receive visits and additional guests who are not registered.
Use Electronic Cigarettes (be careful to not dirty with liquids the sheets, etc.).
Connection of any electrical appliance to the electrical system (but this won’t be necessary because you will already find everything).
It is recommended to respect the silence during canonical hours (from 22.00 to 08.00 and from 14.00 to 16.00). In any case, please keep a behavior that at no time of the day and in any way harm the other's tranquility.
Each guest shall be liable for damages caused to the lease and for the improper use of the supplementary equipment.
After the stay keys will have to be returned, in case of loss the damage will be charged.
Be sure to turn off the room light, fan, TV, and other facilities when you are out of the room and disconnect any battery charging.
The room has a personal walled safe and in any case nobody comes in the apartment unless the owners and tenants of the rented portion.
We do not accept any responsibility for any damage to persons, animals or things to and from third parties.
We will not be responsible for any disavowal due to a total or partial shortage of supplies such as gas, electricity, telephone line or internet connection, which is not dependent on our will.
Systematically close the windows when heating is in use, the climate will be regulated according to the laws in force in Veneto, close windows and countertops when leaving the room (in case of bad weather they could be damaged).
Do not leave battery chargers connected when not in use.
Any damage must be declared and paid immediately to the facility manager.
WI-FI and LAN connections should only be used for legal purposes and you are committed to not uploading, downloading or otherwise performing illegal activities through our private network.
The booking request can be made by a simple e-mail or by telephone or by filling in the form at, you will receive an email or a confirmation phone from the reception, accompanied by instructions of how to pay.
Payment of the deposit can be made by Credit Cards, via PayPal, Bank Transfer or “Postagiro”.
In the case that for unforeseeable reasons the booked property becomes unavailable for extraordinary maintenance or causes of major forces, we will be happy to find suitable accommodation or, at the request of the client, refund the entirely sum received as a deposit, without further claims.
Data transmitted online is legally binding.
The Tourist Rental Casa di San Martino in Venice respects and protects your privacy under Law 675/96 and Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003.
Any information you may provide to our site will be used solely for the purposes of sending you information about San Martino's Holiday Rental House in Venice and will therefore not be used for any other purpose, unless expressly and expressly granted to us by you.
Any third-party websites linking to or from Casa di San Martino Locazione Turistica in Venice, have their own privacy regulations and their own database, independent of San Martino's Tourist Rental in Venice; for this reason San Martino's Tourist Rental is not responsible for the internal actions and regulations of such sites. If you are required to submit your personal information to third parties, please acknowledge the privacy policy of these sites.
Before confirming the booking by email, we invite our guests to review our Internal Regulations and to acknowledge their acceptance.
If the Customer decides to cancel a reservation made with Casa di San Martino, he will have to notify us by e-mail or telephone. In that case, the following policy could apply:
If canceled or modified up to 7 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged.
If canceled or modified up to 3 days before date of arrival, 100 percent of first night cost will be charged.
Cancellations or changes made after this deadline or no show will be charged the full amount of the stay.
San Martino's Tourist Rental in Venice does not respond to cancellations due to causes of force majeure (eg natural disasters, fires, wars or socio-political events).
We thank you for choosing the Casa di San Martino in Venice and wish you a serene and happy stay.
The Stay Tax is Obligatory (for convenience it will be deducted from the Amount of the Overnight Accommodation and will be filled out separately for who will otherwise be deducted from the House Amount (example: two guests both paying the Stay Tax, Overnight stay 140.00 € the rate will be deducted from the owner and paid to the City; in case of 2 People Exempt the room price will be reduced by the Amount of Tax = 140 - 1.50x2 (multiplied the number of overnight stays up to 5) .
Base Tax, High Season 1,50 € - Reduced 50% 0,75 € [young people between the ages of 10 and 16 (not completed)].
Base Tax, Low Season 1,00 € - Reduced 50% 0,50 € [young people between the ages of 10 and 16 (not completed)].
** Residents of the City of Venice No
** Less than 10 years (not completed) No
** those who stay at the youth hostels and accommodation facilities owned or used by the Venice Municipal Administration No
** those who practice rehabilitation therapies at health facilities located in the municipal area Si *
** those who attend hospital patients at health facilities located in the municipal area, on the basis of a patient accompanying patient Si *
** both parents accompanying sick people Si *
** coach drivers and tour guides who provide assistance to groups organized by travel and tourism agencies of at least twenty-five participants. The exemption applies to every bus driver and tourist guide every 25 participants No
** volunteers who offer social service in the city in occasions of events and events organized by the Municipal, Provincial and Regional Administration or environmental emergencies No
** the members of the police, state and local forces, as well as the national fire brigade who are staying for service needs No
** Disabled persons whose disability status is evident or certified in accordance with current Italian legislation and similar provisions of the countries of origin for foreign nationals.


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